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Princeton Research in Experimental Social Science (PRESS)

In 2017, I began serving as Graduate Coordinator for PRESS (Princeton Research in Experimental Social Science). I handled event planning and logistics, seeking and communicating with speakers, funding, and the website. In 2021, I started serving as Graduate Research Consultant. I meet with undergraduate and graduate students working on experimental research and help them with theory, design, and analysis.

At PRESS, I have prepared and given the following presentations:

Experiments 101: An introduction to what experiments are used for, costs and benefits, and how to theorize, design, and analyze them.

Conjoints: An overview of conjoint survey experiments, which can be used to test the effects of multiple treatments that vary independently from one another. 

Survey Populations: An intermediate session on the various methods for conducting surveys. These include online surveys, phone surveys, lab experiments, and field experiments.

In 2019 at Princeton, I co-founded a social group called “Students of Color and Allies” with two other graduate students, Sonya Chen and Sonny Kim. Our main goal was to create a social community and support network for graduate students from diverse backgrounds. We also wanted to create a space for discussing race and ethnic politics and for helping advocate for racial justice initiatives within and outside the department. 

Students of Color and Allies (SOCA)

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